Marketing to Drive Profits

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Marketing research and planning

Completing basic research to discover who your customers are will make your marketing strategy more successful. Once you know who your customers are use the following tips to create your marketing plan.

  1. Conduct Market Research: Completing basic market research can save time, money and a lot of trouble. Look into who your business competes with, the kinds of people who will buy your product or service and where they spend the most time.
  2. Create a Marketing Plan: Your marketing plan will lay out goals and strategies for reaching your ideal customer or client. Additionally, you can refer back to this plan to track success.
  3. Utilize Social Media: Facebook and Instagram are more than a place to keep up with old and new friends. Social media platforms are a vital part of marketing plans. It’s a creative, visual way to tell your startup’s story. Check out these tips to get started creating your social media strategy.
  4. Create Collateral Materials: Use your market research to help determine what kinds of physical marketing materials will resonate with your customers. Based on your product or service a combination of informative printed and digital content will take your marketing efforts to the next level. This guide will give insight into 19 types of marketing collateral.
  5. Consult a Local Creative Agency: As your business grows, hiring a local creative agency can help elevate your marketing strategy.
  6. Public Relations: Elevate your business’s perception in the community by being featured in local publications.Send press releases to local journalists and business publications with exciting developments.

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